• My Fees and Process

    • Resumes for young people just leaving school or trying to get a part-time job while still at school - $80
    • Resumes/CVs for people looking to change positions or move back into the workforce after time out - $120 - $250
    • Updating an existing Resume - negotiable
    • Cover Letters - $25
    • Selection Criteria - $80 per Criteria, except for yes/no type answers - there is no charge for these
    •  Help with online job applications - negotiable


    The price of a Resume will depend upon your experience, the complexity of the type of work you have done and the requirements of the Position for which you are applying.

    I can provide a quote on creating a new, professional Resume when you ring or email/message me. It is especially helpful if you can email your current Resume and outline what type of position you would ideally like.

    Attach your existing Resume to an email and send it for a Free, No Obligation Quote, to advantageresumes101@gmail.com or, call me, 0413 073 728.

    For people who live on the Northern Tablelands NSW who would like to have a face to face interview, … we can book a suitable day and time … Evening and weekend appointments can be accommodated. 

    After the interview, I do the work, and then when it is ready, you can come back and see me and we go over the draft, making any changes as needed. When you are completely happy with what has been produced, I will

    • Print you off hard copies, save to your USB and email to you in Word format
    • Full Payment is then made by cash or Paypal

    If you are unable to meet me for a face-to-face interview - we can do the interview over the phone, by email, Skype etc.

    • Email me your current Resume with some ideas as to what changes need to be made
    • I will then phone or email you for more information
    • I work on a 50% deposit up front - if we work remotely - paid by PayPal or by Direct Deposit
    • When the Resume draft is complete I will email it as a PDF for you to look over and to suggest any changes
    • We will talk further by email or phone
    • Final Payment can then be made via PayPal or Direct Deposit
    • On receipt of your final payment, a final version of your documents will be emailed in Word document format so that if you wish, you will have an editable version for future changes. 
    • I can also, on your behalf, email your documents directly to the employer or employment agency, or upload them onto a potential employer's Job Application site.

    Cover Letters

    A Cover Letter is a tool which SELLS your Resume (and YOU) to the potential employer. It is particularly important.

    A Cover Letter provides introductory information about yourself and why You are an excellent candidate for the position advertised.

    A professionally written Cover Letter explains the reasons for your interest in the company and showcases your qualifications and achievements which make you the ideal candidate for the position. In general, Cover Letters cost $25, - NOT including Selection Criteria.

    Selection Criteria

    Selection Criteria can often be confusing and overwhelming to the jobseeker, and are separate to a Cover Letter.

    Selection Criteria pricing starts at $80 per criteria … except for simple and yes / no type answers. I do not charge for these.

    From an employer's point of view, the Selection Criteria provide the means to measure each job applicant's suitability to perform the advertised role, … so your ability to understand and effectively respond to the criteria is especially important.

    If your application doesn't meet all the criteria, or is not well crafted - making it difficult to assess your suitability, there's a good chance you won't be considered at all!

    The intention of Selection Criteria is to provide the Employer with some level of assurance that each position advertised is filled by a person who has the essential skill set, experience and attributes.


    My timing is consistent with the time required to professionally prepare and focus your information.

    Please allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for your initial consultation interview conducted in person, by phone, email, or Skype

    Generally, there is a standard 3-day turnaround time for your final documentation - faster deadlines can be met if required.

    There is an additional fee of $50 for timelines of 2 working days or less.